Strategy games in Jacks or Better video poker

Variety of video poker called Jacks or Better became the first game in this way and appeared in the casino at the beginning of the seventies of the last century. However, despite such a solid age for such games, Jacks or Better still uses popularity. It is also considered the best option for the initial study of the video poker in general. The thing is that this game does not differ in the intention of the rules and it is easy to master.

At the dawn of the generation of automata with video poker payment, starting only from two pairs and the chances of the players to win were so low that most gambling fans soon refused to play them. This forced the developers to revise their position. Initially, the probability of winnings was seriously increased, and then a queue of processing of the payout system, which now begin with a couple of currencies, from where and the name of the game went – Jacks or Better ("Vaults or higher"). I liked this approach to players, which significantly increased the popularity of this variety of poker video worldwide, including the post-Soviet space. And with the advent of the Internet Casino, in Jacks or Better began to play more often, because it has become much more accessible.

Gradually, the Jacks Or Better game became universally known, her various variations have appeared. The best versions of this video poker have a very low mathematical advantage of a casino, which may not be more than half of the percent. Not so much in casino games with such a low advantage. Of course, for this you need to play on the most efficient strategy and eliminate errors.

Therefore, let’s consider the basic principles of the game strategy in video poker Jacks or Better. The most common situations will be discussed in which the player turns out after distributing. The names of the combinations will not decipher, assuming that they are known to all game lovers. If you do not know or have not yet remembered all combinations of cards in poker, you can examine them familiarizing yourself with the material on our website: Combinations of cards in poker.




We leave all maps

Four of Kind

We leave four cards of one dignity, change the remaining map

Full House

We leave all maps

4 cards on Royal Flush

We leave the card on the Royal Flush, change the remaining map, even if you need to split the finished Flush

4 cards on Straight Flush

We leave the card on Straight Flush, change the rest, even if you need to split a pair (Ready Flush is not broken in such a situation)


We leave all maps


We leave all maps

Three of Kind

Leave Three of Kind, change the remaining two cards

Two Pairs

Leave Two Pairs, change the remaining map

KQJ or QJT one suit

Leave these cards, we change the remaining in the hope of getting the Royal Flush or another combination

JJ or Higher Couple

We only leave a couple, the rest change

3 cards on Royal Flush not in order

Leave these cards, change the rest, even if you need to reset a low pair

4 cards on Flush

We leave these cards, change the remaining, even if you need to reset a low pair

Kqjt of different suites

We leave these cards, change the remaining, even if it is t

Any low para

We leave only this pair, change the rest of the cards

4 cards on straight without a pair

Leave these four cards, change the remaining card

3 cards of one suit in order without a pair

Leave these three cards, change the rest of the cards

QJ one suit without a pair and other options

Leave QJ, change the remaining three cards

Akqj Miscellaneous Masta

We leave these cards, change the remaining map in the hope of catching Strait or a high pair

2 cards older T one suit

We only leave these two cards, the rest of the cards change

3 cards on Straigt Flush not in order

We leave these cards, change the two remaining

JT one suit

We leave these cards, change the remaining cards

Qt one suit (if there are no other cards of this master)

We leave these cards, change the remaining cards

One of the maps j, q, k and four small wounded cards

We only leave this card, change four small cards

Full disagreement from small cards or with one A

We change all the cards without trying to collect Flush from three cards or straight with a space

Remember the whole table is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is enough to understand with each combination, starting with the maximum and understand what the situation is to try to collect them. Then you can proceed to consideration of cases with various pairs and multiple cards.

Following the above principles will significantly increase the quality of your game in video poker Jacks or Better. Luck is important in any gambling, but relying only on it – this is a very rough mistake that cost the significant amounts most novice players. Do not be lazy to carefully learn all the nuances and success will not make yourself wait.

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