CRPS game strategy in “Point” numbers

For all gambling, many different game strategies have been developed. CRPS game – no exception. For this game, it is characterized by the difference between the bets in the size of the benefits of gambling. Therefore, the value of the strategies of this type is greater than in the schemes used when playing a roulette or on slot machines. But still do not need to exaggerate their effectiveness. Get rid of the mathematical advantages of the casino with the help of strategies will not work, however, in this system we leave a casino less advantage.

Consider the essence of the application in practice Strategies based on Point numbers. We will exercise this by passing Pass Line and Come, reinforcing them with ODDS rates. Those who do not understand the essence of the narration, it is recommended to read first regulations and learn the terms of CRPS.

The basis of this strategy is the rates with the lowest advantages of the casino. Such rates are just passing Line and Come. They are paid in relation to 1 to 1. The size of the benefits of the gambling establishment in this case equals approximately 1.4%. According to this strategy, they combine with ODDS rates. ODDS rates are paid for real chances, that is, the player acts on equal from the casino.

The purpose of the user is to define a pair of Point numbers and enhancing the bet on them using ODDS. Vitely consider this system on the example of a one dollar rate. Suppose the player makes a bet of this size of Pass Line. In the event of the formation of seven and eleven after the bone throw in the Come Out Roll bid automatically winning. In case of falling out of two, three and twelve, it instantly loses. In each of the cases described, the user starts all over.

Suppose, during Come Out Roll, Point was installed (for example, it equals five). The player needs to take two steps:

First, he must make a bet equal to one dollar on Pass Line. This can be done by clicking the mouse cursor near the previously made Pass Line bet or right on it. The new bet will appear behind the Pass Line field.
Secondly, it is required to put one dollar to the Come position. After that clicks Roll to throw bones.

Consider the rates of the Pass Line and Come need independently of each other. Pass Line in aggregate with ODDs will play until the new point of Point drops (in our version it is five or seven). In the first case, they give a win, in the second – loss. And again in both situations everything must be started first. That is, put one dollar on Pass Line. In case of falling out of any other number, both bets continue to play.

Reggerently return to our Come rate. Recall, the number of Point was previously installed, equal to five. Do not forget about the independence of the COME betting from the Pass Line bet. In case of loss of 2, 3, 12 – loss. In case of decay of 11 or 7th – win. When falling out the other numbers, the bid game continues.

Suppose to fall out eight with the next challenge after establishing the Point number and moving the rate of the Come player to the appropriate position. Now the user needs to strengthen its ODDS bid value in one dollar. This can be achieved by clicking the mouse near her on the same field.

So, the user made a Pass Line rate by combining it with ODDs, with the number point = 5, as well as the COME bet, similarly by combining it with ODDs, at eight.

In the event of the most unfavorable outcome (if seven drops), the player loses all rates. He is forced to start all over.

If five falls out, then wins the Pass Line rate along with ODDS, and the user will put one dollar again on the Pass Line.

In case of falling out eight, wins COME bid, combined with ODDS bid. The next throw is again preceded by a bet in the amount of one dollar on COME.

In all other options, all rates remain in the game. The user nothing needs to be taken anymore.

This is a pretty simple game strategy in CRPS Allows players more economically dispose of their money during the game. It provides users with a fairly high chance of winning in the most serious online casino, where they are always happy.

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