Play and Run Slots Strategy

Playing slot machines, it is worth counting on luck. The golden rule of slots, not? Since this occupation does not require any skills, no real training or prior practice, and practically no strategy of slot machines has a lot of importance. You just bet, press the button and wish you good luck.

We will not walk around and about and say the following that with the help of strategies it is impossible to win more money in slots. There are no strategies for slot machines. At least in the pure sense of the word "strategy".

There are only some general recommendations to help the player and protect it from obvious stupid mistakes and large misses. This is something else, the so-called strategies are aimed at changing the usual gameplay. They play the role of some guides for those who want to add more meaning to the gameplay.

The strategy "Play and Run" is called, because you need to leave the slot machine when it becomes not profitable for you and you need to go to the next. Quite a reasonable idea, is not true? You can continue to play only if the machine gives the desired result. Applying this strategy in practice, you should get rid of excess emotionality. No emotions and sentimentalities during the game, only a sober look at things.

Play and Run is the best strategy for those players who own the minimum bankroll.

Also, always follow the machines with the highest payout ratings and winning combinations. Second: Make minimal rates. These factors are crucial for the Play and Run slot machines strategy.

It is notended to mention two basic concepts regarding the strategy under consideration. Naked Pulls (empty pools) means the number of unsuccessful rotations of the drums that the player can afford before he leaves the slot machine. For example, you decide that 10 "empty pools" will become maximum for you, after which you switch to the next machine.

Loss Limit is the second concept of Play and Run strategy and means a loss limit. Here we are talking about a bankrolla, you need to set the maximum limits of money that you can spend on one machine.

So your interest is in the interval between empty pools and loss limit. This means that you are not going to put a lot of money on a machine that does not give anything. For example, if your bankroll is 50 dollars, you can divide it for ten slot machines or ten sessions, each of which is 5 dollars. Deciding on your bankroll value, you must be very realistic. Due to the fact that you have a small bankroll, it is recommended to choose cars in online casino with minimal rates and not to increase them.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the Play and Run strategy adds more meaning and order to the usual gameplay and gives the player the feeling that the game is under control. False, but still a pleasant and necessary feeling to enrich the game process.

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