Lee superstitious gemblings

It is believed that young, advanced people play gambling. But even they are accustomed to attract good luck with the help of peculiar rituals, many have happy amulets. Below will consider the strangest ways to attract the fortune gembrelors.

Chinese players

Eastern players have a peculiar attitude to luck. Each of them has special rituals. The main chip of the Chinese – bent cards that can not be used in the next game. If the deck of maps is new, then it best increases the chances of success. All due to the fact that cards have no information about previous games. Also, Chinese gemblings believe that a successful player can charge the other for good luck.

During baccarats, the Chinese spend a special ritual. All due to the fact that the player needs 9 points, and this number in China carries the symbol of immortality. When the players received their cards, she clamp them between her fingers and raise up. When they got acquainted with their values, they quickly put them on the table up the shirt.

Protector Casper

Successful poker player never believed in signs. But when he jokingly asked Kasper on his lighter about help, then the brief committed. Since then, the player does not part with his amulet.

His story has become known to everyone, and now GEMBLER gives out other players of Casper for rent. So he gets even more money. And recently he decided to sell his amulet to another player. The condition was this: Casper remains with him before his death, and after it goes into possession of the Ledier.

Miniature talismans have many players in cards. Different figures often can be observed on the playing table.

Superstition of slot lovers

online casino, spend any ritual you like and expect a win.

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