Swedish regulator revoked Global Gaming license

The Swedish gambling regulator has canceled the license of SafeEnt operator, a subsidiary of Global Gaming, for numerous violations of local legislation, including for inaction in relation to problem gamblers. Now the Global Gaming company is obliged to terminate its work in Sweden as soon as possible.
Reportedly, during the audit, the regulator found facts of violation of the law, since many of SafeEnt’s clients could deposit more than $ 1,000 on their deposits, which is prohibited by Swedish law. In addition, two clients of this operator lost more than $ 100 thousand in a month, and one of the players was illegally increased the limit, after which he deposited more than $ 26 thousand. Violations were also revealed in the rules for calculating bonuses, which, by law, can credited to players only at the first registration. SafeEnt accrued bonuses to its client on an ongoing basis.
Also, during the inspection of the SafeEnt operator, the regulator revealed deficiencies in the fight against money laundering. The operator did not take any action to establish the origin of the players’ money.

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