Synot Group announced the opening of the second casino in Vietnam

Synot Group announced that they continue to strengthen their position in the Asian Game Market, opening the second casino in Vietnam. This time, the Czech Group will offer their services in the province of Nha Trang. Solemn discovery visited representatives of the company, including the director of the Synot Miroslav Valenta group.

Mr. Valenta stated that the company’s plans include cooperation with other local casinos. A distinctive feature of the Synot casino is a high-quality software that is designed with the latest game technologies, Slot machines, Lottery Terminals and Roulette, known under the Synot VLT System brand.

The first casino of the SYNOT group was open in Vietnam at the end of 2015 and is located in the province of Ngean. In addition to expanding its presence in the Vietnam game market, Synot also plans to concentrate its efforts in the field of tourism. The company succeeded in this area in other markets.

According to Valenta, Synot is satisfied with their positions in the Asian market, but this is not at all reason to stop, but incentive to continue to do everything possible to improve the service and meeting the needs of players. The company would like to expand its influence in the region to include additional countries in the East Asian region in the future.

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