Tarzan – a new slot from microgaming

December – month of new products. A lot of developers presented their new Slot machines. Microgaming also did not exception. For their permanent and future clients, a game was released, which was based on all the familiar boy’s story raised by wolves. In wide access game from December 1.

Slot "Tarzan" There are a number of features: first – this is sound support (in T.C. and the famous Creek Tarzan, who remembered by many on films and cartoons); Secondly, the main character very actively reacts to everything that happens in the game: for example, when the wild symbol appears, the hero is flying on Liana, changing in random items on a wild symbol; Third, scatters (image of the hero) – in case of their falling on the field (in the amount of 3 or more) a bonus game is launched. This is another feature of the slot machine. The bonus level implies the passage of tasks at 2 levels: the first provides for overcoming obstacles in the form of snakes on the Liaans, and in the case of a successful outcome, the player falls on the 2nd level. Here it is expected to jump on crocodiles: successful jumps bring a win, and the fall – finishes the game. The maximum win in the bonus game is half a million dollars.

Undoubtedly, this is a rather saturated and interesting game. And many fans of Tarzan will appreciate it, and not only they. The game is performed at a high technological level and is unique with its design.

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