Trends of the Japanese market gambling

One of the most discussed issues in the world gambling was the question of the establishment of the Japanese Casino Market. It is no secret that there is a high probability that it is the market that this country may take a leading position in the future, given what potential has the state and the entire prospects for investment in the gambling sector in this territory. The law on legalization has not yet been adopted, but representatives planning to begin construction of resorts in Japan are already called the entertainment amounts that they want to put in the construction of entertainment establishments. Owners "Las Vegas Sands" and "Mgm Resorts" The amounts of about ten million dollars were announced, which several times the cost of building the thematic resort in Macau. But this is not limit amounts: Investor of hotel and restaurant business and casino "Hard Rock International" offers a 40 percent stake in the project "Galaxy Entertainment" Japanese partner, and firm "Melco Crown Entertainment" The chairman of Lawrence Ho, stated that it was ready to invest any funds to take a leadership position in the Japanese market.

Competitive struggle in the sector is due to the opportunity to raise up to 40 billion dollars in the market, which is the maximum income of the Macau gambling market, and this is not the limit. It should be added that everyone spits the limited number of licenses in the market. Japan’s analysts suggest issuing 2-3 licenses, and they will get the most solvent companies.

Consulting company "Global Market Advisors", which is engaged in the integrated resorts of the country, provided data that clearly demonstrate the opportunity in the Japanese market to receive income in the amount of just twenty four billion dollars by 2030 if there are six resorts in the country.

All this puts under the blow the main direction of the Japanese gambling sector – Patina. Analyst BK "Union Gaming Securities Asia Ltd." Grant Giatesteen hopes that national heritage will receive support and protection of the state, given the current trends. At the same time, he is confident that the operator of the Patino Hall "Dynam Japan Holdings Co. Ltd." will be able to compete for the right to receive a regional resort construction license.

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