The island on which to build a casino in Osaka, under the protection of the authorities

Osaka is one of the largest Japanese cities, the infrastructure of which is optimal for the location of the future integrated casino resort. Local authorities are actively preparing for the implementation of the future project.

The first wave of legalization of gambling in Japan involves the opening of three such complexes. No later than 2019, the final locations for each of them will be known. Osaka has consistently been among the main contenders for the location of the complexes, as well as an advocate for the need to implement these projects. However, the typhoon that recently swept across the neighboring Kansai region has raised doubts on this score among the leadership.

Ichiro Matsui and Hirofumi Yoshimura – the governor of the prefecture and the mayor of the city – in response hastened to reassure the population with their statements on social networks.

Yoshimura assures that the island of Yueshima, chosen for the future resort, is located 9 meters above sea level, and therefore it is not afraid of floods (the recent typhoon caused waves with a height of 3.3 m, and this is a kind of maximum). Expo 2025 is also planned on this island.

Matsui also stressed that the selected location is safe and the authorities are actively repairing damage to Kansai International Airport.

It is actually unknown how many cities in Japan actually claim to provide locations for future resorts. So, if only recently Yokohama was in the forefront, then since last week the question of this candidate has been questioned. The survey found that 94% of the population of Japan’s second largest city is against the corresponding perspective.

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