Top 5 casino robberies that went down in history

Many blockbusters, such as Ocean’s 11, were based on the most famous casino heists in history. But in real life, things are not as rosy as in the films. Criminals are almost always detained by the police and receive the punishment they deserve. While such fearless and daring heists make them so addicting to the public, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest casino heists.

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"Silent" robbery

Now the Stardust casino no longer exists, but in 1992 there was a famous story with the cashier of this casino, which is still talked about today. Cashier Bill Brennan left the casino after his shift with a bag containing more than $ 500,000 in chips and cash. He was not stopped by the security, as he was in very good standing with the management and worked in the casino for a long time. Brennan was never seen again. He is still on the FBI’s most wanted list. Some say he had an accomplice who killed him for the stolen money.

Unlucky Bandit Biker

Casino robber Anthony Carleo had his own style of robbery, for which he was nicknamed the biker bandit. Carleo came to the "case" on a motorcycle and never took off his helmet, thanks to which no one could recognize him by sight. In Las Vegas, he managed to rob the Suncoast casino for $ 20 thousand and the Bellagio casino for $ 1.5 million. But the last time the robber was very unlucky, instead of money, he took chips from the casino, 25 thousand each, into which special chips were embedded. Over time, he tried to sell these chips cheaper than face value on one of the gaming forums, and the buyer turned out to be a police officer, after which Anthony Carleo was arrested.

Robbery with a toy gun

In 2007, Soboba Casino in Riverside County, California, was robbed of $ 1.5 million by two security officers from the casino. Rolando Ramos, who worked as a security camera installer, used his technical know-how and casino experience to gain access to the cash. During the robbery, he held about 10 casino employees at gunpoint, although he later admitted that this one was a toy. His accomplice and friend Eric Aguilera, who was also a former casino employee, was driving during the escape attempt. However, the police officers, after a short chase, were able to arrest both robbers. At the trial, Ramos claimed that he did not remember robbing a casino, as he was under the influence of drugs at that time.

Like Bonnie and Clyde

Back in 1993, 21-year-old Heather Tallfief and 43-year-old Roberto Solis decided to rob the Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas. The couple flew into the casino, breaking the wall with their car. Threatening with a pistol, the robbers seized $ 2.5 million. In 2005, Heather Tallfief surrendered to the police, and said that almost immediately after the robbery, Roberto Solis left her with her young son, leaving only a thousand dollars. Solis is still on the wanted list.

Daring robbery

Also in Las Vegas, one of the most daring casino robberies was committed. Two armed robbers in motorcycle helmets broke into the Hilton casino gaming room, collected $ 500,000 worth of chips and money from the tables, and quickly fled. This robbery took only 45 seconds.

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