Top 5 most anticipated Spring slot machines

The most expected video models of spring 2019 were the following automata:

1) online casino slot machine "Zombie Hoard", Developed by the company "Slingshot Studios" headed by a list of waiting for Martov applications. Popular Topics Zombies are presented in the form of cartoon characters in the costumes of nurses, police and clothes of other professions. Despite the fact that the images included in the combo bring maximum payments to the player, low-paid symbols also contribute to the overall picture of the replenishment of the game. The creators have added a highlight to their slot in the form of randomly appearing coins on the screen, which accumulate up to 30, bring bonuses to the client in the form of free rotations. In addition to this freaky, the player is also charged for collecting 3-5 scatters on the game field.

2) the second no less interesting video silos created the company Yggdrasil Gaming. In a gaming machine "Dwarf Mine" We get acquainted with the gnome-digger, which, with the help of his tools, is looking for treasures in the mine. The playing field on 25 cells accommodates 1024 payment lines, but the specialist "Bonus" Expands it to 40 cells with 16807 payout lines. Friespins are accrued player for three characters "Bonus" in the amount of ten pieces, as well as for five precious stones of the same color in the amount of 5 pieces.

3) Video Slot "The Grand" Made in the style of ar-deco. Developer "QuickSpin" Used image names and jewels. Three pairs of drums at different levels can be moved using the bonus functions of the gaming machine, and three bonuses alternate in free rotations "Sync", "Wilds", "Nudge".

4) Space Slot "Danger High Voltage 2: The Final Countdown" Send players to the Shatla Platage, where the group’s musical accompaniment "Europe" Basic plot events occur. 4096 Possible Combo on 24 Cells, Bonus Ability "Reel Clone", allowing to connect symbols, freakies for 3 or more scatters – this is not all the features of the company’s gaming machine "Big Time Gaming".

5) the main highlight of the fruit video "Extra Juicy" An enlarged coefficient has become, which, with the best way, can reach 60. This is possible thanks to the company’s idea "Pragmatic Play" Create a slot with a consistent increase in the multiplier in the process of french. The player for 3 scatter receives 12 free spins, the number of which may increase in the process of scrolling.

And this is not all Slot machines online, who pleased and plan to delight us the developers of this spring.

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