Three-year program for implementing gambling in Vietnam

The Asian Gambling Industry is now not in the best position: in Macau there is a two-year slept, and South Korea received more activity permits than it was necessary, and so in many countries of this part of the world. Therefore, most Asian countries began to look towards European states to open their gambling institutions in their territory.

If we consider such an Asian country as Vietnam, then until recently, with a gambling direction, the case was very deplorable: the population was forbidden to visit gambling places, and the punishment for this provinity could be limited to the cash payment of the fine, and it will be completed for the player by the fact that he It turned out for bars. However, Vietnamese did not stop this, which made it possible to seriously develop a shadow business. At the same time, residents of the country actively practiced the opportunity to go to neighboring states, and enjoy the game in favorite Slot machines and other gambling. According to experts, the amount of exported money per year is almost a billion dollars.

Evaluating this statistics, the Vietnam authorities decided to reconsider their decision against the country’s gambling business and launched a three-year test program, allowing Vietnamese to visit gambling establishments, but with a limitation: players can visit only two casinos – on the islands Wang Don and Fu-Kwok. The plans also open the third institution on the beach Ho Trom. All other institutions located in the country still work exclusively for foreign citizens.

The authorities also made a relaxation against the BC, allowing them to open them on the territory of Vienthing, however there are several restrictions: first, all such institutions should be built no closer than 500 meters from social institutions, such as kindergartens and schools; Secondly, rates can make persons who have reached the age of 21.

The restrictive rules are also for access to the casino: for a one-day entrance to the institution, a resident of the country must pay one million Vietnamese dongs. Vietnamese has the right to buy a skip in a casino for a month. Such pleasure will cost him twenty-five million local dongs. Considering that the average resident of Vietnam receives a salary of four million dongs, then not everyone can afford such expensive pleasure.

However, if we consider that until recently, in the country to gambling, also negatively treated as prostitution and drugs, this is a significant breakthrough in state immortals.

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