Trends that will affect the online casino market from 2017 to 2021.

According to research conducted by Technavio, four main directions are allocated, which in the next five years will manage the online gambling market.

First, more and more players prefer the use of smartphones and mobile live machines and online games. In addition to this, the so-called model is gaining great popularity "Free-to-Play", which is built so that the player does not pay for his participation in the appendix, however, for the victory over the opponent, additional products from the game store for real money acquires.

Secondly, companies have a permanent need to fill its base with new clients. To do this, they place advertising in the most frequently used applications. However, this undertaking is not always successful, given the active development of various advertising blockers. To solve such a problem today, the idea of ​​mailings of email letters from a casino with the name of the recipient turned out to be the most productive.

Thirdly, the gambling business is a business rest, perfectly in contact with the other industry, namely: with hotel. People seeking to have a great time, prefers to institutions where you can not only play at the table, but also sit in a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, cooperation between hotels and casino is beneficial to both parties.

And finally, the fourth direction is the ability to pay for services in the online gembling sector cards. This problem is especially relevant, since the online casino is not allowed in all countries. The government of individual states encourages ground casino, which provides the influx of tourists to the country. To fully control and prohibit online casinos in any country is not possible, given the client’s ability to use a foreign proxy server for visiting a casino. In this case, the authorities expect that the player himself takes into account the possible risks associated with visiting such sites.

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