UK BGC Introduces Code of Conduct for Safer Gaming

The UK Betting and Gambling Council announced that it has introduced a new Game Design Code of Conduct for the gambling industry in an effort to encourage safer gambling, address gambling concerns and improve player safety.

The new code of conduct will set out measures for online casino games such as online slots that involve slowing down the spin speed on the reels when a player clicks “spin” or selects “auto play”, along with board games such as RNG roulette … In addition, gaming features that previously raised concerns in the industry will be banned and safer gambling information will be made available through improved access.

BGC proposes a number of basic measures that will be used, including: a minimum game loop speed of 2.5 seconds, the end of the turbo game, which allows players to speed up games, and the rejection of a multi-slot game, where the player can place multiple bets at different games at the same time. What’s more, the new code of conduct also introduces mandatory activity checks on players to encourage and introduce game breaks when they are not in play.

Michael Douger of the Betting and Gambling Council shared his comment on the Code of Conduct for Game Design:

“BGC was created with the aim of spearheading the race to lead in terms of standards in the regulated betting industry. The new Code of Conduct for Game Design is another example of our determination to address issues immediately and fulfill our commitment to safer gambling. This is further evidence of our industry’s commitment to improving standards – as opposed to a completely unregulated black market. ”

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