UKGC introduces new rules for gambling activities

In the UK, they strive to constantly adapt the legislative base to current trends, which will lead to an increase in the level of protection of the rights of residents in various directions of gambling. Since April 2018, customers have an online casino to gain access to their data for three months. The minimum coverage of these requests should be at least twelve calendar months. The information provided must be set forth in an ordinary person form. At the same time, the players will have the right to receive data not only about their deposits, but also to independently establish limits to their account and Slot machines. A British gambling regulator decided to provide the client with the opportunity to choose to visit an interesting gambling establishment, as well as leave him independently.

The program forced licensing of gambling operators is also a new direction of work UKGC. Through it will have to go through all operators who violated the agreement, namely: all clients of the gambling establishment must be fully informed about the possibility of gambling dependence. Operators who will not be engaged in the alert players, or will do this partially, expect financial sanctions that will not be able to cover the yield from ignoring the order of the gambling regulator. Violations will also be recorded, taking into account the role of the owners of the gambling establishment. In case of timely independent correction of the situation for online casinos, discounts are provided. At the same time, the gambling operators imposes a ban on disclosing information about the decency of its activities, which will lead to an outflow of customers from less honest gambling, which will reduce competition in the gambling market.

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