UN urged to strengthen regulation of casinos in Southeast Asia

The UN published the results of the study "Organized Crime in Southeast Asia: Growth and Impact in 2019", from which it becomes clear that numerous criminal groups in Asia are increasingly using numerous casinos for money laundering.
According to a United Nations report, numerous gambling establishments in Southeast Asia have become the best channel for money laundering and money laundering for gangs. This is due to poor legal regulation.
An example is Cambodia, where in 2014 there were only 57 gambling establishments across the country. Now more than 150 casinos are already operating in this country, and all these establishments work officially with a license. The rise of gambling establishments has clearly coincided with the intensification of anti-money laundering efforts in China. And the key points of concentration of drug trafficking, smuggling and slave trade are popular gambling zones in Myanmar and Laos.
The United Nations calls on the authorities of a number of states in Southeast Asia to significantly strengthen gambling legislation to more effectively combat money laundering and other crimes.

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