Underground gambling syndicate in Singapore raises $ 20 million

In Singapore, the organizer of an underground syndicate is on trial, which for nine years conducted illegal gambling in the country for money and embezzled up to $ 20 million in customer bets.

A certain Lim Ten Kok is reportedly the organizer of an underground money gambling syndicate in Singapore. Together with him, police officers arrested another 30 people who participated in the organization and conduct of gambling. The organizer of the underground syndicate has already pleaded guilty to three charges in court. The investigation established that in 2007 Lim Ten Kok began to illegally accept bets. The illegal business brought fabulous profits and soon Lim Ten Kok had already hired several dozen people, thus organizing an underground syndicate. By 2015, the illegal business brought the fraudster over $ 200,000 in net income.

On recognized charges, the court wants to sentence Lima Ten Kok to 5 years and 4 months in prison, as well as write out a fine in the amount of 288 thousand dollars. However, the lawyer of the accused, with an emphasis on the fact that Lim Ten Kok is cooperating with the investigation, and also having told that he was forced to thus earn money for the treatment of his seriously ill daughter, asks the judge to commute the sentence. Now the accused has been released home, as he paid bail in the amount of 15 thousand dollars. The court session, at which the final decision on this case will be made, will take place on January 15, 2019.

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