US resident spent bonus on lottery casino and got rich

In the United States, a Michigan resident took a chance and spent the entire prize he received on the purchase of lottery tickets, as well as bets in the casino, and won a big win twice. About this, with reference to the American media, reports the edition
Reportedly, a 48-year-old resident of the American state of Michigan, who did not want to voice his name, said that he received a small bonus at work. Together with his wife, they decided that they would spend this money on casino games. On the way to the gambling establishment, the couple also bought several lottery tickets.
The trip to the casino turned out to be successful, the man’s win was $ 300. And later he decided to check the results of the lottery, and here a big and very pleasant surprise awaited the couple, one of the purchased tickets turned out to be a winning one, the family immediately became rich by $ 300 thousand. Now the happy spouses want pay off debts for your home and buy a new car of a prestigious class.

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