Increased costs for the reconstruction of Taj Mahal

Acquisition and reconstruction of Taj Mahal casino in Carl Icahn company Hard Rock International in the month of March 2017 had to do HRI initially in the amount of 300 million. USD. Update and planned to open a restaurant in the summer of 2018.

At the request of Jim Allen (Jim Allen) – Head of the HRI, at the Congress of the gambling industry in the east coast, said that the amount of 300 million. USD will be insufficient to upgrade and can increase up to 500 million. USD. Serious attitude of the company to the reconstruction and enormous opportunities Taj Mahal require, for the success of the enterprise, to invest a large sum in Atlantic City.

The company’s management decided to make a global reconstruction of a complete change of design halls to play Slot machines, because, as stated by Jim Allen, space stylized atmosphere of the last century, the era of the beginning of the decline of the magnates casino. It is also planned to establish contact with the organization of the trade union Taj Mahal. Employees are led by a long strike because of Mr. Karl Aikan’s refusal during his reign, paying workers medical and retirement benefits.

Reconstruction, launch and operation Taj Mahal Hard Rock will be carried out together with RCR.

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