This fall will open Hollywood Park Casino

Hollywood Park Casino announced the opening of Cary Grant Pavilion, which plans to spend the fall of 2016. Hollywood Park Casino is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of excitement and luxury in the city of Inglwood, Los Angeles District, California. Casino is located on the square of 11 acres, next to Century Boulevard. New Hollywood Park Casino will be just a few steps from the place where it was located earlier.

Leader: general director Hollywood Park Casino Demin Kumar:

"While the complex is overhauled, Hollywood Park staff seeks to relocate as smoothly as possible. HPC will serve permanent players and plans to attract a new generation of gamers. Still in the casino will our favorite games, blackjack, baccarat and Slot machines, Tournaments will be held, such as NO-Limit Texas Hold’em, and many, many other."

New casino designed San Diego-based JCJ Architecture. On an area of ​​110,000 square feet organically combines the best convenience of the world of technology and gembling. Hollywood Park Casino weld 125 card tables, tote, sports bar and restaurant, cozy living room, gourmet cafe. The company promises to save all those who loved players elements of games and boost the percentage of the upper limit of the game by 20%.
Building Hollywood Park Casino began in July 2015, and the official opening and related interesting events are planning to spend in autumn 2016.

James T. Batts, Inglwood measures:

"This is only the first steps of our Improvement Plan. Hollywood Park Casino will inhale a new life in our Great City. HPC and other Inglwood businesses will create new jobs, will increase revenues, and allow residents and guests of the city gorgeous to have fun ".

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