Tightening punishment by the Netherlands gambling regulator

Now, more severe punishments will be applied to violators of gambling legislation KSA regulator (KANSSPELAUTORITEIT).

Initially, fines will be enlarged for work without a license online casino. Fines for companies or individuals providing illegal slot machines online, from January 1, 2017, amount to 820 thousand euros, taking into account the circumstances of violations.

Such a very impressive amount of fines is declared by the Netherlands regulator for the first time, although KSA has always applied serious recovery to violators.

For example, in 2014 in October from RedCorp S operators.A. And BlueMay Enterprises was charged a fine of 180 thousand euros on charges of intentional incitement of users of Holland to the game. The basis for the accusation was placed on the sites of operators without license records in Dutch.

To date, Kansspelautoriteit sent online extension operators not to violate the rules and warned about the possibility of applying sanctions to violators. On December 1, representatives of Kansspelautoriteit made a statement about the introduction of more severe measures for neglecting legislation.

The Lower Chamber of Parliament of the Netherlands in July was adopted a law on resolving the local online market market. For the entry into force, the adopted law must approve the country’s Senate, but after that, according to the regulator, the license operators will be issued no earlier than after 1.5 years.

Online business in the Netherlands is of interest from many international companies due to prospects from the point of view of profitability, but legal work for companies is possible only when providing legal framework.

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