Tightening legal norms of regulating the Igor industry

Tightening standards in the gambling market entailed a change in rules for subscribers of large brands of the gambling industry.

According to the introduction of the latest changes introduced by the UK regulator in the gambling sector, an even tougher supervision is introduced at the following items:

• It is prohibited to promote casino sites online on Internet portals that violate copyrights.

• Activities for monitoring and implementing the above prohibition are introduced, up to cleaning in violation of the requirement.

Violation of copyright in placing banners, advertising and any other variations of promotion of gambling brands strictly prohibited. Subscribers are required to take all necessary measures to make sure that the brands used have never been advertised on sites that violate the rules.

Refusal to comply with new requirements fraught with the following penalties:

• suspension or holding payments for promotion;

• informing companies working in the gambling sector at the request of local authorities or authorized persons, on subscribers’ activities;

• rupture agreement between the client and the company without alert.

Now, any commercial relationship with Internet sites who violated copyrights or use pirate access to material with copyright, there is a crime in full compliance with world agreements and is considered by the EU space rules.

For subscribers of Denmark and the Netherlands, marketing requirements also changed.

Companies with gambling products or services can not move on sites:

• with a NL or DK domain;

• having content in Danish or Dutch.

Removing subscribers of advertising slot machines online if the Internet resource does not respond to the above standards is mandatory.

Sarah Harrison commented on new norms, as a goal to make a British gambling industry with the help of operators the most reliable in the world and noted the need to accelerate the introduction of changes to the rules in relations with users.

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