In Brest arrested a group of fraudsters who produced in a casino

In early May in g. Brest (Belarus) were detained people who are suspected of fraud. The fact is that in one of the casinos, two regular customer were suspected of a dishonest poker game. Men used closed cards and special lenses.

According to the press service of the control of the fight against economic crimes, an accomplice in this flavor became the croupier and the casino administrator.

Maps were marked with a special solution, which manifested itself with ultraviolet exposure. It is for such an impact and contact lenses were intended.

It was the croupier that used a deck with closed cards, well, and players, thanks to the lenses, could win all the time. For all time, the chains were able to earn about 17 thousand. US dollars.

Now against all four accomplices, a criminal case was initiated in accordance with the laws of Belarus. They threaten from three to ten years in prison with confiscation of property.

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