A new regulator appeared in Sweden – Speletiska Radet

SPELETISKA RADET – an organization that controls the ethical side of gambling in Sweden for more than fifteen years, has become a new regulator.

The main focus of SPELETISKA RADET activities will also remain protection of consumer rights, as well as instructions for marketing operators. The abbreviation of the company will continue to "SPER", although the name is changed, now the company is called Spelbranschens Riksorganization.

Jenny Nilzon (Jenny Nilzon) – Serverators Sper, stated that the company decided to expand its powers due to a decrease in the reputation of the gambling industry in the country and increasing the number of problematic issues. To improve the situation, SPER decided to expand its duties and adopting additional responsibility, for this company had to be transformed from the Council to the Association.

The beginning of 2017 showed a low result of the growth of income of the Sector of Azart Sweden, only 0.2% and Jenny Nilson calls on all involved in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzart to the general work to restore the positive reputation of the business and the number of casino-playing machines. Only thus the excitement market can develop further.

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