Video Poker: History, Rules, Strategy

The video player is one of the most popular and profitable gambling entertainment, which is included in the game range of any offline and online casino. In fact, the video poker is a "mixture" of the slot machine and the famous card game – 5-card poker with exchange. Real gaming machines are equipped with the usual buttons for bets and moves, all winning combinations and payments are reduced to a special table, only on the machine screen instead of rotating drums depicts 5 cards posted in one row. In the online video player, all of the above components are included in the game interface and are transmitted to the monitor screen as an image.

History of the video power

Many players consider a "young" gambling video player, however, it is not. In fact, the apparatus with a video film appeared in gambling establishments 14 years earlier than the first classic slot machines Liberty Bell. The predecessors of modern automata with a video film is considered to be apparatus issued by the American company Sittman and Pete in 1891. These cars consisted of five drums, on which maps of various advantages and masters were depicted. Cutting for the lever, the player ran the rotation of the drums and, after their stop, received a poker hand. Winning or loss dependent on the value of the drop-down card combination.
The appearance of the video power in its current form was preceded by the invention of a personal computer and the introduction of new technologies in the gembling industry. In the 70s of the 20th century, Dale Electronics’ Poker-Matic has introduced the world the first modern video poker game. At first, the players reacted to this innovation with some distrust, but by the 80s, the video player had his own army of fans, who had fallen to the taste of poker alone. The last stage of the evolution of this game can be considered a transition of video poker in the online space. It happened in 1995, thanks to the efforts of Microgaming, which included a list of video poker games in his first online casino.

Rules and the game

Here are some general rules, on the basis of which any kind of video poker built. The game is played according to standard rules of draw poker (5-card draw poker). The goal – to collect a paid five-card hand, did not do more than one exchange. All winning combinations of cards displayed in the paytable, which is necessarily present in every game interface. Typically, this table includes all or most of the standard poker high-combinations. In some species, the joker is used, although this combination is not paid so generously, as "pure" hi-hand. With a winning combination the size of payments and other nuances better familiarize yourself before the game.

Video Poker: History, Rules, Strategy

Playing the game is quite simple. Initially, the player bets, presses the button Deal, after which five cards appear on the screen face down. Further, considering the game situation, the player can keep all the cards, which will help to generate a profitable combination. To do this, the player needs to click once on the desired map or use the Hold buttons, which are located under each of the five cards. The next available course, all unselected card free of charge replaced by new ones. If the resulting combination provides the payout table, the player wins.
If you win, many video poker variants offer users to play the bonus game and double the received prize. Most often laid out four cards to the player and one to open. He should select any of the hole cards. If the selected card is a higher precedence than the first open, the prize is doubled. Otherwise, rate will be lost. Sometimes there are other versions of bonus games, where, for example, you need to guess the color or suit of a closed card. In any case, the player can always give up a bonus round, if he does not want to risk.
As well as slots, some varieties of the video player are combined into a single network with progressive jackpot. Recall that the progressive jackpot is formed by deductions from all the rates made by users who play any automatic network of progressive network. The magnitude of progressive jackpots in the video film is quite impressive, but for victory, the player will have to play only at the biggest bets. Therefore, we do not recommend a video player with a progressive jackpot players with a modest bankroll.

Optimal strategy

Despite all the simplicity of the rules, a huge number of strategies that apply only to a certain group of games were invented for the video player. You will not describe all existing strategies, especially since this information you can find in the description of a specific game or in the strategic sections of the site of the casino, where they gathered to play. However, for the video player, like blackjack, its optimal strategy was invented, which can be used in most games. Especially effectively, she shows itself in the varieties of loved ones to "Vallets and Above" / Jacks or Better. This popular version of the video player, winning combinations begin with a couple of currencies.

The principle of optimal strategy is quite simple. The player needs to adhere to the following card holders: It is advantageous to leave any ready-made combination, put HOLD to all consistent or suited cards (two pairs, senior and younger couples, cards for Street and Flash), as well as dying and suited senior cards from the valve to the ace. If there are no coincidences above, it makes sense to leave one senior card or exchange the entire hand immediately (this is the most extreme option). When using this strategy in Jacks or Better, the casino advantage is reduced to 0.5%.

Since the options of online video player are a lot, and to memorize all the rules and strategies of the game are practically not possible, special programs for the analysis of poker combinations are created to help players.

Video Poker: History, Rules, Strategy

Using such a program, the player can manually set such a parameter as a combination, and find out which cards in this case and the version of the game will be optimal. Other useful data will also be available to the player, for example, outcome options when exchanging, tables with percentage of possible winnings, a set of coming card combinations, etc.

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