Vietnam Minister Arrested for Protecting Online Casino Network

The Vietnamese police arrested the head of the Ministry of Information and Communications Dang An Thuan, who is suspected of facilitating the operation of a network of illegal online gambling establishments in the country. About this, with reference to foreign media, reports the publication
According to investigators, four years ago, when Dang An Tuan worked as a senior inspector of the Ministry of Information and Communications, he was able to identify a network of illegal online casinos in the country, but did not inform the management about it. What’s more, Tuan has been instrumental in getting scrutiny of suspicious websites down. Such actions of the official, according to investigators, made it possible for illegal online casinos, the sites of which at that time already existed about 6 thousand, to make a profit in the amount of more than 420 million dollars.
Also, according to representatives of law enforcement agencies in Vietnam, other officials who hold, or have held, high positions in the country contributed to the work of illegal online casinos in the country. Earlier, on charges of such crimes, the ex-head of the department for the prevention of high-tech crime and the former director of the main department of the Vietnamese police were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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