“Viking Runecraft” – a new generation slot machine from the company “Play’n GO”

New Slot machines "Viking Runecraft", the creator of which is the company "Play’n Go", amazed with their originality from the first seconds. Non-standard field 7 * 7, on which the cascades fall game symbols, attracts the attention of players by the exciting motive of the Scandinavian legends. In addition to the memorable musical composition, carrying clients into the world, in which the strongest of men won, the player is surrounded by elements of life of those times: weapons, Viking amulets, their rune writers and much more. The main actors on the screen are the gods – Tor, one, Freya and Heymdall.

Slot "Viking Runecraft" filled with a huge number of different bonus functions:

1) availability in the application of a multi-level system. At each level of God, if the following conditions on the screen, use their special abilities:

– Thor exchanges 5-9 to normal wild symbol;

– One combines the 4 Wild symbols in such a way that they take 2 cells;

– Frey provides the player with 4 wild symbol, bringing the winnings;

– Heimdall adds all the coils in one wild symbol.

2) function "the charge of destruction" assembly 20 is activated when symbols under continuous victories;

3) bonus round "Ragnarok" opens when 40 symbols under similar conditions;

4) Bonus "Runes of Valhalla" – rotation of the wheel (in the bonus round), which is necessary to strike a burning rune for the accumulated amount.

CEO "Play’n GO" hopes after the release of the new game machine to consolidate the right to be called one of the most creative game software developers.

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