Implementation of skill games

Almost all online casinos are now looking for new games that would be able to interest the new generation of players and surprise guests. Slot machines although they do not lose their popularity, but they will not surprise anyone. So, most casinos decided to replenish their portfolio skill games.

According to the survey among virtual gaming establishments, the following results were obtained: the absolute majority believes that skill games will give the players a new experience, and they will definitely like the new generation of gamers. Almost half of the respondents are confident that the presence of a variety of products will attract attention to the casino. 34% of the respondents are counting on the fact that new products will help increase profits.

Interestingly, the potential customers of their institutions leaders consider people aged 39 – 54 years. Numerous studies argued that a perfect player can be called a person who for 50. Almost 28% are calculated on the players aged 54 – 69, and 22% are aimed at the younger generation – from 23 to 36 years.

Slot machines constitute a good half in all game establishments, namely 84%. 64% of the respondents noted that it is the slots bring them more than half of the profits. After replenishing your portfolio with new games, the owners of the casino expect the total playing time in the slots total will increase. Most managers are confident that the young generation of players will not play traditional slots.

Problems with the introduction of a new category of games

Almost 35% of respondents were afraid of court proceedings due to the introduction of a new category of entertainment. 30% are worried about how consumers will appreciate these games.17% worried that the players will not have enough knowledge to successfully pass games. Half of the respondents would like to like the new category of games and was understood by the player.

45% of respondents expect that after the successful implementation of skill games, their profits will begin to increase, as well as expand the audience of the players.

It is worth noting that in connection with the influx of the players of the new generation and the proposed gambling products will be changed. Soon the players will be better to understand technical and digital subtleties. The vast majority of young gamers want to play exciting and unique games.

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