War between PokerStars and Atlantic Club Casino continues

Some time ago it seemed that the issue with the acquisition of PokerStars ATLANTIC CLUB CASINO was almost resolved. But the deal suddenly suspended. It happened after the American Association of PamesHemmembrall opposed this transaction.

The Association stated that PokerStars leads criminal activities. In response, Rational Group (PokerStars Mother’s Company) announced that the real motive of the American Association of Games is the desire to limit potential competition in the USART market in the United States.

Nevertheless, PokerStars has already invested in the development of Atlantic Club Casino more than 1 million. US dollars. Obviously, the world’s largest poker room is not going to easily retreat from his intentions. Despite the temporary forbidden court order. Atlantic club representatives argue that PokerStars did not adhere to all the terms of the transaction.

Nevertheless, experts conclude that if the deal still does not take place, the club – the casino will have to be difficult and risks to lose not only this, but also other potential investors.

PokerStars still continues to hope that the locked on the transaction will be removed, and it still will take place. The redistribution of gambling business carries uncomfortable for players of many countries.

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