Wazdan Unveils New 9 Tigers Video Slot

The new 9 Tigers slot from Wazdan invites players to the eastern temple, where the elements of water and fire combine to bring big wins. The brilliantly crafted visuals captivate players and create fun gameplay in a tiger-dominated arcade world. In the latest issue of 9 Tigers, the Wazdan team used two tiger symbols to represent Yin and Yang. The slot helps players awaken the divine power needed to control tigers, bringing natural harmony and the potential for great rewards.

Players who can combine two Yin and Yang tigers will receive a tiger bonus. In the Tigers Bonus round, the tamed tiger must attract the opposite beast in order to maintain the balance of yin and yang. Ancient Spirits can be very generous with a 1000x wager bonus and players who successfully combine fire and water tigers get the highest wins. Finally, double wins await those who choose the right element, water or fire, in the addictive unique game Gamble.

As with all new Wazdan games, 9 Tigers can be customized with unique Wazdan features, including the world’s first patented volatility levels to increase or decrease volatility. Ultra Lite Mode optimizes mobile experience, conserves battery and maintains gaming experience even with slow internet connections, Ultra Fast Mode allows players to speed up their gameplay, and Big Screen mode provides superior gaming experience.

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