Wynn Resorts to Focus on Yokohama Working with Local Authorities

US company Wynn Resorts is fighting for a license to build a resort and casino in Japan, and its strategy is based on "Yokohama Focus". The US gaming and hospitality giant also announced the opening of an office for its Japanese subsidiary Wynn Resorts Development Japan on December 15. The new office will be in Yokohama, as the company is fully focused on developing casinos in the region, casinonewsdaily.com reports.
Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox said in a statement that his company will communicate with local governments, businesses and residents to listen carefully to their views on the Yokohama Focus strategy. The operator is seeking to strike a deal with the city to develop a unique Japanese all-inclusive casino resort.
Note that in Yokohama, the US-based Wynn Resorts competes directly with regional gambling giant Melco, which also announced in September that it was working on the Yokohama First policy. Melco CEO Lawrence Ho said the Yokohama First strategy means his incredible team of talented experts will focus on bringing to Yokohama the best integrated casino resort the world has ever seen.

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