Yggdrasil Rises to the Top of the Food Chain with Raptor Doublemax

Yggdrasil rises to the top of the food chain with Raptor Doublemax [ZEBR_TAG_ / h1>

Yggdrasil, the world’s leading publisher of online gambling content, has released its new Raptor Doublemax video slot.

The high volatility game takes place in a world before humans, when great dinosaurs roamed the earth, competing for the top of the food chain. Players join the hunt for these two-legged beasts.

The hit with 25 paylines features a cascading reel that spawns more giant dinosaurs upon winning, and removes all winning symbols, giving players an even better chance of finding wealth.

Hitting three or more scatter symbols triggers free spins, giving players the opportunity to play longer before all free spins run out. Winning the game gives more free spins, while losing destroys the earned ones, and the hunt continues.

This 5 reel slot offers more opportunities to win big when the player makes a gold bet. This gold bet increases the stake by 25% while at the same time doubling the chance to trigger twice the free spins. The battle continues, as does the high payoffs, with each successive winning, unlimited, doubling the multiplier.

In some jurisdictions, free spins are also available for purchase throughout the game.

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Products and Programs at Yggdrasil, said:

“Raptor Doublemax gives gallant fans the opportunity to demonstrate strength and determination as they strive for more in this exciting slot, with a consistent chance to win huge prizes. Thanks to the dropdown feature, wild symbols are more common in the game, as well as the chance to secure more wins. The Raptor offers a truly immersive and player-centered mechanical experience and I am confident the Raptor will resonate with our partners and their communities. ”

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