Forgetful Casino Visitors in Nevada

Sad losses in Casino Casino add an impressive amount of 8 million USD, left in gambling establishments due to forgetfulness.

According to the results of the study published on December 20, within 5 years, the Casino visitors were lost $ 35 million USD. The absurdity of the situation is that this money is won by customers in Slot machines.

As a result of the transition of the Nevada casino with money on winning vouchers, the slot machine is directly typing a special form with the amount of winnings received by the client, which then needs to be exchanged with a special point for money. There are a lot of vouchers and remain unnecessary, according to the authors of the study due to forgetfulness, loss, damage or unwillingness of the client go to the exchange office.

Back in 2011, the deputies of the Assembly Nevada adopted the Law on the establishment of the procedure for operations with funds secured by lost vouchers:

• The validity period of the voucher is set directly to the casino (as a rule, within 180 days);

• 75% of winnings that were not newly deducted to the state budget, 25% remain at the cashier’s office;

• Report on unpaid casino amounts provide every quarter.

Thus, a very profitable law was adopted, allowing the staff to receive additional funds. The exact amount of unnecessary vouchers by the authors of the study is not defined, but the record of 2016 on the amount of the money left has already been established. The estimated amount of "forgotten" funds will be 12 million USD in 2016.

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