Zitro announces the successful completion of the year

Zitro, the Spanish online game developer, successfully closes the year and plans a lot of interesting releases in 2020. 2019 marked tremendous success for Zitro and its customers due to the enormous success of the LINK Games series. Thanks to the key product Zitro, the gaming establishments saw that their indicators were rapidly increased throughout the year.

Vicente Fernandez, Zitro commercial director, said:

"We are completing a year, full of success that were not only with us, but also our customers, and we begin the new year with filling the gaming institutions of the country with new successful products. 2020 will be full of new success ".

Zitro continues to confirm its lead in Spain, becoming the benchmark in the gaming industry due to innovative and high-quality products, playing an important role in the development of slot machines.

Over the next year, Zitro will promote the Zitro Solidaria campaign with food, toys and clothing collected for charitable organizations, Red Cross and Bank Dels Aliments. Zitro employees demonstrated their solidarity by providing the necessary things to help children.

Johnny Valeir Ortiz, the founder of Zitro, said: "I am very glad that I can contribute to the help of people who need the necessary things, and I am proud that our employees responded so positively and treated seriously to the call of the company".

Zitro is also going to demonstrate its amazing and ever-growing library of successful games and solutions for video slots at Ice Totally Gaming Show exhibition, which will be held in London from 4 to 6 February.

The focus will be in the focus of the slot machines that were specifically designed to maximize the potential of Zitro game content and provide extraordinary gaming experience, as well as create a diversified and attractive catalog of online casino games and ground gaming rooms. Slot machines with "Synchroscreens", a powerful multimedia system, were first represented at the G2E 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas and have since been installed in several casinos worldwide, demonstrating awesome results. Exciting new games struck players, as they offer new functionality that have not previously used anywhere.

Visitors will feel the effect of the stunning catalog "Shock Lounge" on the Zitro booth. It contains an extensive and proven game library, such as Link Shock, 88 Shock, Link Me Shock, Link Shock II and 88 Link Shock, which is constantly growing. The biggest advantage of this area is that players can choose their favorite game, but with the ability to win a prize that runs with an amazingly high frequency, providing more entertainment and awards. Furthermore, Zitro introduce additional bonus game, such as at Bashiba Illusion or 88 Link Wild Duels.

Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder and leader of Zitro, commented on the participation in the exhibition:

"Just three years ago we introduced its first slot machine casino at ICE Totally Gaming 2017. Now we have not only the large and growing library of games and a variety of equipment, but also a recognition of all the major casino operators around the world, because they have seen for themselves the success of our video slots and other products, which makes us the global leader in the gaming industry. This unprecedented history of success is only possible thanks to the best team, which I was lucky to lead ".

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